An Architect’s View T-Shirt

Design author: "As architects, we have to learn to see a house/building from, for most people, unusual, different perspectives in order to analyze it or to make it comprehensible. So it happens that normal, everyday objects are also seen from this point of view."
The Highest Quality Fabric Single jersey (240g), 90% BIO cotton + 10% elastane
Perfect Fit Each T-Shirt is thoughtfully designed and skilfully constructed
Made in Europe Produced by local family-owned atelier. Respect and celebrate the craftspeople who make your clothing!
Sustainable and Responsible Premium quality durable clothing that will serve you for years. Buy less often!

Essential, heavyweight, premium quality T-Shirt that will serve you for years! Craftsmanship and attention to details that you will be proud of!

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Wilma Karakac
Designed by
Wilma Karakac
"The Architect's T-shirt" design competition 3rd prize winner
February 2022

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